Afb0041Why am I putting a picture of my keys on the blog? Because I’m sooooo happy having my own set of housekeys again! Plus, I got a spare copy of my locker key, so I can now finally delve into the cave that is my locker, which so far has yielded my copy of the London A-Z (unmissable if you live in London) and my businesscards. I had stashed a bunch of stuff in there before I went to New York and now I’m slowly starting to take it out again and the best thing is: it’s like Christmas!

Today has been fairly typical in that it’s not a typical day at all. I started off with a CPSD (Career P? Skills Development) morning about Personal Impact. It was brilliant! Janie, who ran it, is an actress and very accomplished in getting us to think about what is presence, what does it mean to us individually and how we can improve it. After that the Marketing Club had organised another L’Oreal Lunch and Learn, this time with their advertising agency Publicis. It was a very interesting talk, especially since the talk was mostly about new ways of advertising (using the HypeGallery as an example, which I thought was absolutely fascinating since they used a whole gamut of tactics to engage with graphical designers to spread awareness and consideration for their industrial printers. The insight (targeting designers and artists) and the execution (having online and offline galleries) I thought were well thought out and well executed). Quick sandwich, some email (no Internet at home yet) and then off to do an interview for my 2nd year project. Now I’m at school because tonight the Responsible Business (formerly known as Net Impact) Club and the Film Club are putting on ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ which I’ve wanted to see for a while.

Oh, Brandrepublic, one of the most important Marketing trade rags in the UK have changed their website. I haven’t completely explored it yet, but so far, so good, it’s way better than their old site. And Mark Ritson is blogging. A lot. Which alone makes it worth going through the (free) registration hassle.

One final paragraph (this is the rant of the week, if you don’t like me ranting, look the other way now). Why can’t Americans (or English or any of the other Anglophone countries for that matter) pronounce the word niche? They say ‘nitch’, which makes me cringe. Nitch. It’s not like Mitch. Or b**ch. It’s pronounced ‘niesh’. It’s French. Please don’t bastardize it. And make me think you’re an idiot. Or even better, look at me like I’m an idiot when I pronounce it the right way, which happened to me the other day.

PS I just tried to add the Brandrepublic blogs to my Blogliness RSS reader, but it doesn’t work. Ouch, that’s no points scored there. Nowhere does it even mention RSS feeds on their site.


6 thoughts on “Niche

  1. I’ve never said ‘nitch’…I’ve always said ‘niesh’ – this is the way it’s pronounced!
    ps – hey stranger!

  2. Prof X: oh, you’re making me blush ;-)
    Cyndee: hiya! so good to hear from you again! will answer your email soon (sorry, have been living without internet at home, i’m so behind!).

  3. It is (almost) always pronounced Neesh in the UK. It’s only Americans who pronounce it Nitch.
    Remember, not all Anglophones are the same, and in particular the British are NOT the same as Americans. Don’t forget it was our language first…

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