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Aprilser02_2[source: Loesje]

Been thinking about jobs a lot lately. The jobs I’ve gotten so far in my life hardly ever happened because of my CV. My internship didn’t. And my freelance job didn’t. Yet I spent a large amount of time crafting my CV (as most b-school students do). I suppose my life does not fit in my CV. I suppose this blog in a lot of ways is better than my CV. This is who I am, this is what I see, hear, think about and read. Much better than the pdf titled Natasja’s CV. Loesje is brilliant.

I’ve added a widget top right, no, I’m not raising money for myself (Lord knows I could do with a few pennies… but there are billions of people that need it much more than I do), but for a great charity called Room To Read. Check it out and if the spirit moves you, please consider donating something. Anything. It will be much appreciated.


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