Knocks the spots off the competition

Now this is a good review to get! The napkin belongs to a company called Eat, based here in London, and they have great lunchfood, I can highly recommend it.

Seeing that my previous entries were a bit photo happy (you can tell that with the new phone, I’m no less trigger happy ;-), it’s time to write a quick update on life that’s a bit more text-heavy. Life is good. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m working on my second year project (or 2YP in LBS MBA speak), for which my deadline is this coming Friday and I love working on it, even though it sometimes feels it’s taking over my life. The one other academic thing I’m doing this term is Creativity and Personal Mastery course, and that’s better than I had imagined, I think this is the most important course I’m taking during my MBA. I’m involved with the LBS 2007 Class Gift (for the unitiated: we’re pledging to give money to LBS once we graduate) and the LBS 2007 Yearbook, plus I’m still doing student ambassador duties, and some smaller sundry stuff. And occasionally I’m squeezing in practice runs for my 10k race planned for July and if there’s time left, I’ll sleep. Go to SANZA and birthday parties. And blog. A girl’s gotta have priorities!

Happy birthday to my dad, whose birthday it is today! And best belated mom’s day wishes to mum :-)


2 thoughts on “Knocks the spots off the competition

  1. Divine Miss N!
    Life does sound good (and busy ;-)). Hope you got enough creativity and personal mastery in that 2yp of yours… good luck with the upcoming deadline!
    Keep up the fun things and the running! Maybe we should run together some time when you’re in the Netherlands :-) (see my blog, I signed up for something big…).
    Regards from Leiden, R.

  2. Wow, Rogier, you rock dude! The New York marathon, that’s awesome :-)
    Wishing you lots of good training miles, keep me posted on how it’s going, N

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