Hey, what’s this?

509444126_6e0d5a63c7I think if you’re a direct marketer, this must be your dream response. I walk out the door, rummage through the small mountain of mail stacked by the front door and see this (see picture on the left) and think ‘hey, what’s this?’. If you can’t make out from the photo, it’s a pink plastic (quite thick) envelope with T-mobile welcome pack in it. A bit weird that it came only now, since I’ve already had my first bill… but better late than never. First impression: wow, impressive, they get me to be curious about what’s inside and opening it instead of chucking it in the bin. Second impression: what a letdown. Inside is a perfectly nice booklet, and a nice letter saying welcome, but nothing out of the ordinary. Darn it, you almost had me with the envelope alone, if T-mobile had only put something IN the envelope that lived up to the envelope itself!

It’s week 5 of the final term and things are finally starting to slow down a little bit, to a tempo that feels a little bit more comfortable. Second year project is handed in (although I’m still working on part of it, long story), and now all my attention is going towards my Creativity and Personal Mastery class, the class gift, the yearbook and the upcoming admits weekend. That and catching up on email and stuff that fell by the wayside in the past 3 weeks of second year project rush. And of course, I’m enjoying the gorgeous weather that we’re having at the mo’!


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