Even this over-zealous MBA student needs a break from the MBA every now and again and what better way than to celebrate a mini-one-day holiday in my own lovely London? I woke up, pottered around for a bit, then headed over to the V&A to check out their Surrealism exhibit, which I liked after a rocky start. Once you walk in, you’re plunged headfirst into surrealism, and for someone like me who only really knew Dali and Magritte a little, it was a bit confusing. I decided to lean into it though, instead of getting frustrated and I ended up enjoying the exhibit a lot especially the furniture and ballet sections.

After buying some postcards (I have a thing for museumshops and the one at the V&A is one of the best and most imaginative I’ve seen) I headed over to Harrods, tourist destination extraordinaire. Their foodhalls are some of the best in London, and I got some lunch, wandered into Hyde Park and had a lovely picknick. Read John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity which I enjoyed tremendously (read it if you’re interested in design, you won’t regret it), worked on my tan, and then headed over to Oxford Street to check out Primark. Ever since it opened a little while ago, there’s been a lot of hooha about it and I wanted to see it for myself. Oh my word. It’s definitely a retail phenomenon, even though it isn’t my taste. It was interesting to see people drag baskets of clothes around as if they were giving them away for free and most weirdly: there was an endless line in front of the changing rooms, with dresses for £8, I would take a gamble and not wait 30 minutes in line to try it on I guess…

Tomorrow it’s back to MBA reality with the kick off of the class gift campaign, CPM class and yearbook preparations.


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