Music courtship

I bought a new pair of headphones (actually, to be somewhat technically anal
about it which I gather is de rigeur in headphone cycles: in-ear
phones) the other week, which meant that my iPod is going through
somewhat of a Renaissance. Now I can actually listen to my music on the
Tube; with the standard-issue headphones I couldn’t turn up the sound
loud enough to hear anything and not get a million angry looks my way
for being a tad too social with my somewhat eclectic musical taste
which not everyone seems to appreciate. I’m rediscovering the music on
it again, listening to more podcasts than ever and enjoying it lots.
How could I have forgotten about the genius of The Black Crowes? Or
Aretha Franklin? And Geert Mak has me glued to my earphones with his
rendering of his book In Europe.

new listening-revival made me think back to other times when I was
heavily into listening to music, which more often than not coincided
with being in a love with a guy. Inevitably, the guy would make tapes
(and later on CD’s), which would be slipped into my hands with short
notes confessing endless undying love. I discovered Pink Floyd this
way, have good memories of Lenny Kravitz, discovered a love of Lynnyrd
Skynnyrd that endures to this day. That lead me to wonder, what do
youngsters nowadays do in terms of musical wooing? Burn CD’s? Buy each
other songs on iTunes? Make a personalized Myspace page? Make a
playlist on or Pandora? Anyone have any idea how the musical
wooing / courtship takes place in 2007?

3 thoughts on “Music courtship

  1. I have been a regular reader of you blog before and have returned after a long time. Great to see the continuity in ur blogging.
    Thanks for pandora and I was not aware of those before. They were simply amazing.

  2. I think this is the age where youngster create their own personalised videos, post it on youtube and the post the link on facebook wall to woo!
    Btw I discovered pink floyd an entirely different way but they are still close to my heart. infact I used it as inspiration form my prevoius post. I now need to go to bed, have an exam tomorrow!!

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