Of friezes and tattoos

1558798021_ea2385c488After a nice week at work (we pitched on Monday and found out on Thursday we won the job! I can’t out of reasons of confidentiality say who the client is, but I’m very very excited!!!), it was time to let my hair down on the weekend a bit. What better than some real art and fake tattoos?

I went to the Frieze Art Fair with two friends and found it a bewildering experience (much like the last time I went). I appreciate art most when there’s an element of the artisinal, of skill, in there. Something that I couldn’t do. Or think I could do. And to be honest, I’m not clever enough for some of the art at the Frieze. The best part for me was looking at the people that were there, what they are wearing, eavesdropping on their conversations.

After trekking home, going for a run, a quick shower and change of clothes it was off to Regent’s Park again, this time for Tattoo (see my account of my first ever Tattoo here) which is a celebration of all the diversity at LBS held annually and which comes with a lot of gratuitous fake tattoos. I missed last year’s (that and missing the Santa pub crawl were my biggest regrets of going on exchange in autumn) and wasn’t going to go this year. I’m an alumn now, feel I should leave the partying to the new batch. But Wince, bless his heart, thought otherwise and convinced me to come and boy was I glad I came. We had a blast, there were a good number of 2007s there, it was great to see some of my 2008 friends and make a whole bunch of new 2009 acquaintances. I met the guy who writes this blog (check it out if you know anyone that knows anyone that knows anyone that knows Steve Jobs please!) and promised I’d put a plug in for it, here you go.

Now, where’s my nailpolish remover…if you’ll excuse me, I need to remove a few tattoos :-)


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