What’s on my mind

1724254997_4a2847671f_b… what the Fonz was doing in our office building this week. And why did the Innocent guys talk about him on their blog at the same time. Is there a Fonz revival? If there’s not, there should be one. Let’s hear it for the Fonz!!!

… why marketers insist on making products targeted at women pink? Don’t get me wrong, I love pink, but not for everything. I’ve had this bottled up inside for a while, ever since I read this in the Guardian.

… why life is so chaotic and confusing at times. I suppose because it’s life.

… why I didn’t come up with the idea for Facebook.

… on the Facebook note, would it be better for a company/charity to have a profile on Facebook, or a group? I think my preference now goes out to a profile. Makes it easier to follow what they do, since it’ll show up on the feeds on my Facebook homepage. I still haven’t figured out how (if) to get the changes on my groups on my RSS feeds.

… how I like the new Wolff Olins site, which looks like they’re walking their talk (and here). Let’s hear it for interactivity.

… how there are very little cool museumshops online. And how little most museums do with digital. There’s a huge opportunity here!

… how cool this new project (the World Beach Project) at the V&A is.

… how interesting it is that Ebay is copying Kiva‘s idea at their new website Microplace (hat-tip to Marketingfacts, who point to this article in Businessweek).

… how I can’t help but think British Airways is a neat airline (I know, people will send me a barrage of emails about how their suitcases always get lost, how they don’t like the air hostess’ uniforms, and how crap the food is. I don’t care. I love how they serve my tea with milk and a smile.), have a peek at this. [and yes, to avoid a conflict of interest, I have booked return flights to NL with BA in a few week’s time]

… where should I go on holiday? Before the loan repayments kick in, I’ll have a little bit of cash to splurge on a holiday. Dallas (home of mr and mrs M)? Canada? Japan? Transmongolia Express? Interrail? I can’t decide.

[edit to add this: my housemate spotted a cool blog: LadyGeek, which talks about pinking up is dumbing down.]


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