2101757880_0a0fe44b47Yay, my Moo postcards arrived!! I’ve had my eye on Moo for a while now, but so far never had enough photos I loved on Flickr, or could justify the expense to myself (though not really expensive, these 20 postcards cost me £12.50 including P&P), but last week I decided to take the leap and order a set. And I *love* them! Now all I need are stamps and I’m all set (and yes, the Fonz had to make an appearance, aaaaaay!) to start spamming family and friends. There is something wonderful about getting real life paper through the real life letterbox, something that rarely happens through email I find. Being able to stick a postcard on a wall, or that wonderful feeling of physically opening an envelope and feeling the paper between your fingers when you read a letter. Weirdly enough I don’t seem to exchange my real life address with that many people anymore. We connect through businesscards which make cursory mention of email and phone details, or through Facebook, but rarely do I know what even my closest friends’ physical addresses are. Mental note to self: must make more concerted effort to get friends’ addresses and send more cards and letters.

One more favourite which I feel compelled to share (it is after all the season for sharing): the TED talks site. Beautiful navigation and inspiring talks, some of my recent favourites: Stefan Sagmeister, Matthieu Ricard, James Nachtwey, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Dan Gilbert, Jan Chipchase, David Kelley and John Maeda.


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