Mind the gap

11122007527[photo on the left: walking back from a client meeting tonight, today was a beautiful day in London]

I went to a client meeting today, followed by a quick stop at Boots, which is the nation’s biggest pharmaceutical, health and beauty retailer. On the tube on the way back a thought came to me, and in the spirit of the season (boy, I’m really into this giving thing this year, big time), I thought I’d share. Boots, this one’s for you. And it’s free.

What I was thinking is that there’s a bit of a gap in the pharma/health/beauty market. I don’t particularly like shopping at Boots but know they have most of what I need (though not necessarily want, there’s a difference between the two). Superdrug is even worse because it’s always so disorganised that I don’t care the prices are lower, Bodyshop is not my thing, too airy fairy for me, Space NK is too high end, the perfume department in Selfridges makes me feel self-conscious, and in the supermarket I always forget to look at deodorant, hairspray etc. Et presto, here’s your gap. There must be room for a Boots Boutique concept. Have a nicer environment for me to shop in, don’t make it feel so… utilitarian. So stark, so like a chore, so like something I will spend 30 minutes of my life doing that I will never get back and I resent you for it. There must be a way to delight and seduce me as a shopper of deodorant and hairspray. Love in the aerosol aisle. Or at least a little flirting. I just haven’t quite figured out how and where yet, but I’m convinced it can be done. Let me do some more thinking though. Preferably in the shower (with the new showergel I bought today at Boots) where I have most of my brilliant ideas.

[edited: just thought of something else: this would also work perfectly for the Dutch market. Wedge something between the Etos, Kruidvat, Schlecker, enough of a gap there.]


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