What’s the most important thing we’re not learning/teaching?


Combine a bit of Design Studies with a bit of thinking about the future of the MBA with a bit of disruptive thinking by Umair (in particular his ideas on edge economy, and this post on rethinking Detroit, and this one on hacking the industrial economy) and next thing I know I'm pondering on what I have never thought about. Literally. What don't we think off? And why?

This week we had two presentations on the MADS course, on of which was on 'What's the most important question we're not asking?' Great question. Tough to answer, but what a great question. Got me thinking on what's most important, the questions or the answers? What are the right questions? And why are we not asking certain questions? Because we can't think of them (If you don't know you don't know, how can you ask about it?), or because we think they're not relevant?

I have also been thinking about the MBA and the future of the MBA, and what we get taught as part of the MBA curriculum. As I've mentioned earlier, I've taken a course called Creativity and Personal Mastery (aka CPM, what's with the acronyms today?) at London Business School. I've not really talked much about it, since I find it hard to describe what it is or what I've learned. I've met some wonderful people, had and still have great conversations about everything under the sun, I've learned some tools that work for me in enjoying life more. Many people say this type of course shouldn't be part of the MBA curriculum. I disagree. Vehemently. Any course that allows you to think about who you are, what your values in life are and how you want to live your life should be part of the curriculum. What good is it teaching people the technical skills (the HOW) but not have them think why they are learning them (the WHY). The why I find more interesting than the how. The how is easy, the why takes a lifetime. Again, I'm thinking about what questions we're asking and not asking. About what subjects we get taught and what we don't get taught. And why questions like these ruffle so many feathers (see also me ranting about the LBS vision).

Then Umair comes along with his thought provoking posts. He's a master in uncovering the questions we're not asking. And poking and prodding to see why we're not asking them. I think he's ruffling quite a few feathers and I'm loving it. High time we start thinking about the world in a different way. 

Looking back over the past six months, I'm connecting the dots and seeing that it's all about what questions I'm asking. And what questions am I not asking, and why not. The quality of the questions count. What questions are you not asking yourself? What are you not being taught, or not learning? Why not? 

One thought on “What’s the most important thing we’re not learning/teaching?

  1. Ahh, the missing course
    Here’s one: working with people who haven’t received our training.
    Good post.
    later gator,

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