And the motto is

Sometimes I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record. And this record is titled 'Resolutions'. So I don't do resolutions at New Year's. I sometimes do at my birthday. But what I do do, or at least started last year and have done this year, is set a theme for the calendar year ahead. A theme, a motto, something that is a one-word guiding principle for the rest of the year. I don't think about that word/idea the whole time, but it pops up every now and again. And for this year, the motto is 'learn'.

Every day in 2009 will be about learning for me. Learning at Central St Martin's doing my final project for my MA, learning at my new job, from my new colleagues and new boss, from friends and family, listening to podcasts and watching videos (how I love the BBC iPlayer!), going to lectures and exhibitions, traveling. Every single day I am making a conscious effort this year to learn. Excited and scared, since learning comes with potential, maybe even imperative, for failure. And I'm not very good at failure. So there you go, another thing to learn: how to be better at failure.

[edit a few days later: friends rock. Especially friends like mr F, who's written a great post on mottos and themes here.]


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  1. never learn to be better at failure. Maybe learn from failure but accepting anything but success is … unhelpful :)

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