So about this learning thing

Most people I tell about doing a part-time MA are surprised and slightly bewildered. Why on earth would I want another degree? And why design school of all places? And why such a vague and weird degree? And am I addicted to learning / degrees / university (probably is the answer to that I reckon)? All these questions in turn bewilder me slightly. Partially because since it's my life, I consider this to be normal so it's weird when I'm considered a bit odd (although you'd think that by now I'd be used to it), and partially because don't you read everywhere that you need to keep on learning all throughout your career and life, no more of this career-or-job-for-life hoopla. So that's what I'm doing. Learning for life. And about life. From life. Something like that. And I like my learning when it comes served up with a formal schedule and classmates. So there you go. I am Natasja, and I'm a learn-a-holic.

[written on the occasion of my first class of the second, and final, year of my MA at Central St Martin's]


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