About this vision thing again

Dear Dean Likierman,
It's another January, and another set of MBA rankings. I wrote about this to your predecessor too (see here) on the occasion of last year's rankings come out. Congratulations! We rock. We're co-number 1, that's quite the feat. And I'm very happy as I think everyone in the LBS community is.

But, and I hate to bring this up again, what are we going to do about our vision? We're there. We're the world's pre-eminent global business school. Can't go higher than this. So what's next? Like I said last year, I think we should think a bit bigger than being number 1. What are we going to do with being number 1? This year, this question is even more important than last year. There's some things, partially caused by MBAs (not just from LBS mind you, but we can't wash our hands from this completely) that need fixing. And whilst we're at it, it would be good if we can make the world a fairer and better and healthier place to live. So how about we aim for something like that? Let's aspire to be bigger than ourselves, to do things greater and better than just be number 1.

I'm glad you're our dean. You shook my hand at graduation and made me feel like I was the one and only person that day that was graduating, which was an amazing feeling. Let me know how I can help,
warmest regards,
London Business School MBA2007


One thought on “About this vision thing again

  1. Firstly, congratulations!
    ISB, back home, features at #15 in the FT rankings although experts here have termed it as more than it is worth of. Any comments ? :-)

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