Doing the do, part 1

IMG_7101I'm a very lucky girl. I've said this before, in fact I've been waxing lyrical about how lucky I am on this blog. And every now and again the universe nudges me a bit more and gives me an extra gift. 

I bought a ticket to Interesting2009, after loving the 2008 and 2007 installments, and inadvertently won a ticket to the Do Lectures! (In fact, if you click on the Interesting link, you'll see as the first post me winning the ticket!) The Do Lectures are a set of 20 lectures intended to inspire people to do. A bunch of people gathered at Fforest Farm in Wales this past weekend, but the talks will also appear online. I am a strong believer in the universe conspiring with you to bring you the things you need at times, and since I'd pronounced 2009 my year of 'learning [to do]' I just HAD to say yes (no arm twisting needed though, I was jumping up and down when I hear).

And it was awesome! I had very little time to prepare seeing that I was busy running around trying to keep my life sorted out, so I really didn't know what to expect in terms of speakers or the location and I was glad to find out that both were excellent. The speakers were a diverse bunch of people who really inspired me, the venue was excellent (see pic at the top left, what a view!), the food absolutely scrumptious and the fellow attendees as interesting as the speakers.

I took copious notes and thought I'd write out some of them, to give you a flavour of what the lectures were like. What I was thinking was to write them out over a few blogposts or so, since writing the whole thing down in one post is kinda daunting. 

At the start there was a small introduction, about which I took the following notes: Do Lectures are about motiving people to take action and finding their urgency. They're about the intersection of heart&soul, smart business and nature: triple top line business design. Do Lectures are about faster radical change, in a connected way.

There you go. I'll leave you with a picture of one of the first lectures. Go Do!



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