Do-lectures, part deux: Geoff Mcfetridge

IMG_7108So, ehm, this is kinda painful to admit, but I had no idea who the next speaker was (well, a girl can't know every single thing I suppose). He's famous if you love illustration, he's Geoff McFetridge, illustrator extra-ordinaire. He's done some beautiful work, and I really enjoyed his talk.

I'm not quite sure how to best put across what it was like, so I might just give a combination of (almost literal) quotes and interpretation and examples.

'I wanted to learn the process and did crap work as output, but that was ok.'

'I was applying what I was good at as a bridge to improve what I was good at.'

'Companies don't have ideas, they have strategies and plans.' (one of my favourite quotes)

He told us how Harry Houdini called himself a magician and hence people thought he was one. Even though he probably never pulled a rabbit out of a hat, or do much of what a stereotypical magician does, people still accepted him as a magician.

'Magic, like illustration, pretends to be clear, but it has to hide things to work.'

'Design is like inventing: both solve common problems.'

'I choose to give myself constraints, they propel me forwards. Opportunities don't do that for me.'

And I loved at one point how on the screen behind him (where he didn't show a powerpoint deck, but instead a half an hour video of him drawing, which was great!) it said 'Judo not sumo your troubles', which is such good advice for life.

So that was what I liked/found remarkable/loved about Geoff's talk. He really sparked something in me. Good stuff.

I think I might not have the energy or inclination to write up all my notes, so I might just stick to a few people who really stood out for me. That said, all the speakers I saw had something interesting to say, and there was rarely a dull moment. I think how much I like a speaker depends as much on my frame of mind than it does on what the speaker has to say. Context is king.


2 thoughts on “Do-lectures, part deux: Geoff Mcfetridge

  1. Sounds like an awesome event and that you had a great/inspiring time. Can’t wait to hear about it.

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