Interlude: drinking from the firehose at Interesting2009

Sometimes life is like drinking from a firehose, and this week's definitely been like that. But in such a good way! After the Do Lectures last week, I went to the reason I was at the Do Lectures: Interesting2009 (I'd bought tickets for Interesting, and my name was pulled out of a hat, well, the proverbial hat, to attend the Do Lectures).

As per the two previous installments in 20097 and 2008, I loved Interesting, which lives up to its name. The highlights for me were Tweenbots, Bubblino, why it's so hard to sail >50 knots, seeing Radio 4 represented as colours, how maps are handed down from generation to generation of bike messengers, how many cool products people can make inspired by Star Wars (anyone for a R2D2 soy sauce dispenser or cookie jar?), why Sir Francis Galton was a mad but creative scientist, fiddling around with yoghurt to add prozac to it, Tom Fishburne on what he learned from his cartoons (which I can highly, highly recommend), how to win at monopoly, how frivolous projects can teach you a lot and why you shouldn't (or maybe you should) never photograph sunsets. If that sounds confusing, can you see what I mean by 'drinking from the firehose'? There were tons more cool, interesting, inspiring subjects, and yet again I'm happy I went.

The whole list of presenters has been helpfully posted by Roo Reynolds,  and you can look up what other people have said on twitter (quite confusingly using two different hasthags). 

[On a side note: whilst I love twitter, I do wonder what the significance is of Twitter in these kinds of events. I was curious and checked the different hashtags a couple of time throughout the day, but felt there was too little depth. Yeah, I know, that's not what Twitter was intended for, but I wanted more than quick snippets and first reactions. I wanted considered responses. Or less triviality. Which is weird, because some of the people talking about the most trivial things yesterday were the most interesting. Maybe I should think about this a bit more and make this argument a bit more coherent. Or maybe Twitter fried my brain and I can't think beyond 140 characters anymore.]

Now back to the regular programming of writing up my notes from the Do Lectures. Well, until I think of something else to write that will interrupt that. As you were.


One thought on “Interlude: drinking from the firehose at Interesting2009

  1. It was a cracking day. That said, to now be a part of the Darwinian Display Team is something which might not make the CV.

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