Focus, people, focus!

4176307833_3d5534a978_o Last year around this time, I decided that my motto for 2009 was LEARN, and boy, learn I did in 2009. The year didn't quite go as I had planned or could've expected and that taught me a lot. Learning to deal with unexpected events, learning to let go of some things and to hold on tight to others. I had to put my MA on hold for a while, which wasn't an easy decision to make, but definitely the right one. I'm picking it up again next year and am already looking forward to it.

So for this year, I decided to think about what I want the theme for this year to be. After a bit of to and fro with my partner-in-theme-crime Farhan (who set his own theme also) I decided that my theme for 2010 is FOCUS. 2009 taught me that life is wacky, wonderful, mysterious and filled with unexpected surprises. Sometimes it felt like too much was happening at the same time, and that I lost focus somewhat. So this year, that's what I'll focus on: focussing. Do one thing at a time, and do that with the utmost concentration, mindfulness and attention. More of less at any given time. Focus on what's most important, and not worry about (most) other things. One thing at a time. My mum was right (as she often is). So there you go: focus, people, focus!

And, yeah, I have a bit of a bad hairday in this portrait. We created personalised baubles for the office Christmas tree, and this is what I look like. Well, according to my colleagues at least.


2 thoughts on “Focus, people, focus!

  1. Second that! Focus is so important :) – GTD helps me a lot to achieve that state of mind. Happy new year! R.

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