The week that was (Oct 28th 2013)

This past week I 

  • am still reading “Hitler’ by Ian Kershaw. At 1,000 odd pages, it’s taking me a while. But hurrah: except for 1 night when I was really too knackered to do anything, I have read every single night. It reminds me how reading preserves my sanity, gives me new perspectives and joy. Though I have to say, hardly a sentence goes by in the Hitler biography that my heart doesn’t cry, there isn’t a lot of joy in there. But it’s important to read and know about. 
  • gave directions to 2 people. Think the wind and rain is hampering people asking for directions. 
  • loved reading ‘Happy Birthday Brainpickings: 7 lessons from 7 years’. My favorite quote:

Be generous. Be generous with your time and your resources and with giving credit and, especially, with your words. It’s so much easier to be a critic than a celebrator. Always remember there is a human being on the other end of every exchange and behind every cultural artifact being critiqued. To understand and be understood, those are among life’s greatest gifts, and every interaction is an opportunity to exchange them.”

  • have been amazed, embarassed and agitated about the whole Zwarte Piet kerfuffle in NL. Here’s the best roundup post I’ve read about it, written, quite tellingly, by an expat. 
  • have been looking to see what newsletters/blogs/twitter accounts there are to keep up to speed with the NL startup scene. Not a great deal, sadly. StartupJuncture is the best so far, and StartupDigest also has an Amsterdam weekly digest. And rumours are that The Fetch will launch an A’dam edition soon. 
  • saw this wonderful set of 9 values that the folks at Buffer app have on their website. Lovely stuff, here they are:
  1. Always Choose Positivity and Happiness

  2. Default to Transparency

  3. Have a Focus on Self Improvement

  4. Be a “no-ego” Doer

  5. Listen First, Then Listen More

  6. Have a Bias Towards Clarity

  7. Make Time to Reflect

  8. Live Smarter, Not Harder

  9. Show Gratitude