Learning: you’re never really done

A long time ago, one of my bosses called me into this office and said ‘so I looked at your CV again. You have 3 degrees and are working on a 4th? That means you’re insecure. Dismissed.’ (well, something close like that). 

I didn’t know what to think about his comments at the time, shrugged them off and went on with my life. But they have come back to me time and time again since. And I completely disagree. 

For me, taking a degree is scratching an itch and following my interest in a subject. I’m an English undergrad because I was mesmerised by London and the English books in my secondary school library. I’m a bookhistorian because most everything about books brings me bliss and joy. I’m an MBA because I wanted to challenge myself to find out more about business and management. I’m a designer (of sorts) because I wanted to figure out how the design process works so I’d be able to understand it and make the designs I was involved in better. 

Lately, I’ve been trying out some MOOC’s on Coursera, Udacity and my current favourite: a mapmaking class on Skillshare (who doesn’t love a good map!) and I love how all of these tickle my brain. 

Doing a degree, following an online course or reading a good book are expressions of curiosity. Of a willingness to try and potentially fail. Or putting your brain to work in a way that is unfamiliar and exciting and scary. Build new neural connections, keep your brain healthy, figuring out more about yourself as you learn about a topic. And that, that is not insecurity. It’s curiosity. 


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explore-blog: 10 Rules for Students and Teachers (and Life) by John Cage and Sister Corita Kent


The West Wing breaks down what’s wrong with maps and why the Gals-Peters Projection is more accurate and less politically biased than the Mercator map we’ve been using for centuries.

Complement with maps as power and propaganda100 diagrams that changed the world, and some intentionally distorted maps that make political points.

(? Buzzfeed)

Watched for my Mapmaking class over at Skillshare and it rocks! The video and the class. This reminds me: must watch the whole of West Wing one day; must dive into the books I have about mapmaking more.