Where do you want to be ten years from now?


Looking toward the future, we’re curious where you see yourself in ten years. What’s your ten year plan?

Argh, I hate this question. But I get asked it all the time, for some reason. Especially when I’m talking to people about jobs. 

I feel terribly ambivalent about this question. On the one hand, the organised, neat me likes to plan ahead, dream of the future and have an idea of goals, milestones etc etc.On the other hand, reality has a way of turning out different, yet in most ways so much more wonderful than expected.

10 years ago, when I was 25, I had just started realising that though I earned good money and worked with nice people and lived in a nice flat, I wasn’t happy. I had no idea what to do to change it, but it started slowly dawning on me that at some point I wanted change. I couldn’t have imagined that 10 years on, I’d be living in the city I’d fallen in love with when I was 20, married to a guy who in so many ways is nothing like I imagined my perfect husband to be (yet he comes awfully close to being so, just not in ways that I thought mattered), and with a beautiful smiley baby boy. I had no idea by now I would’ve done both an MBA and a design degree, that I would’ve done the jobs I’ve done and that today feels like a new beginning again. No idea. Not even the faintest of clues. Yet I am happy. 

So this brings me to the next step: will I or won’t I plan ahead for the next 10 years? Is it sensible or folly? Am I more or less likely to be happy and fulfilled if I do so? Will life get in the way or throw good things my way? 


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