Happy mindful 2013!

I’m not one for resolutions for the new year (though I do occasionally make ‘em on my birthday) but I do firmly believe in a theme or a motto for the year ahead. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was snottering my way through the day with a bad headcold. What do I want my guiding theme to be this year? 2012 brought so many changes and so much joy and at the same time was probably the toughest in my life. So what’s ahead for 2013?

The theme is: ‘be mindful’. Having our little kiddo around has made me realise even more that time moves so fast and that whilst individual days might seem long sometimes, if I’m not mindful, time flies so fast. And life moves so fast. Living in London means there’s always something to see or do, an exhibition to visit or a new restaurant to try. This year I’m resolved to be more mindful of all things in my life, good and bad. As many moments as I can I will try and be mindful of the moment. The joyous moments but also the sad moments, since they both have a place in life. 

Here’s to 2013: may all your dreams come true, may you dream new beautiful dreams and may the year be filled with happiness, joy and contentment. 

PS Saw a beautiful post on Documentally on 13 things for 2013 which I can recommend reading.