Quick and easy

Odd how these two go together like peas in a pod: quick and easy. If something’s quick, it’s gotta be easy right? Well, sometimes no. And this is probably the bleedingly obvious, but I hadn’t really thought about it til I started using the TFL route planner a lot more after the live countdown data for London buses became available* and especially now that we’re about to move to a new location in the city after a few years at the same place. 

See, until recently I usually took the tube everywhere, like probably most non-native Londoners who live reasonably near a tube station do. In my mind, tube was the quick and easy way to get somewhere. And no, I’m not daft enough to take the tube between Covent Garden and Leicester Square or Russell Square and King’s Cross, but in general, it was tube all the way. 

Now, however, more and more often I take buses and overland trains, sometimes in combination with the tube. Rarely the easiest solution in my mind (involves transfering from one to the other) but often the quickest. And now, quick and easy are starting to be uncoupled in my mind. A quick journey (say under 30 mins) needn’t be easy, it might involve a couple of transfer. And an easy journey (say 1 tube line with no transfers to any other form of transport) needn’t be the quickest way to get there. 

I have no idea of why I hadn’t thought of it before, or why it’s striking me so much now that I feel compelled to write about it. 

* If you’re not familiar with it: all London buses are now equipped with some sort of GPS signal so you can see per bus stop which bus is coming when. It’s absolutely fabulous.