Consider myself snogged

I blogged about this a while ago: SNOG, the frozen yogurt people, were refurbishing a shop on Brewer Street, in Soho. Yesterday I popped in and had my very first SNOG. And it is good! I had the smallest size (which is quite big already) of natural yogurt with apple crumble and it was scrumptious (at first I thought it a bit expensive, but then you do get a lot of yogurt). Definitely will go back for more. Hey, I'm a girl, I can't help myself :-)

And of course, working in branding and design, I couldn't help but notice (and admire) the branding and design. The shop is very nicely done by Cinimod Design, who've written about it, and more info here and on the SNOG blog. The identity was done by ico design.

Springcleanin’ part two: my company manifesto

As I was springcleaning stuff earlier today (taking full advantage of being unemployed, not for much longer) I found a page with notes I took last year summer as I was thinking about what I'd do if I started up/owned a company. The heading says 'back of the envelope manifesto', and it's a random list of thoughts that lay down the ethos of the company:

  • we create.
  • it's about two things: the story and the people.
  • the aim of the story is about delight and surprise.
  • the people tell the story.
  • fail. often.
  • everyone's an adult, and behaves that way.
  • for every project, we assemble the best crew, not the most convenient crew.
  • collaboration = everything
  • do good. not a little less bad.
  • life is short. have fun.
  • tight and loose. left and right. black and white. we don't do 'or'. we do and and. but we don't do half-assed compromises.
  • integrity and respect rule. no seriously, they rule.
  • why is the best question in the world. never go a day without asking it. 

Reading it again today, I think that pretty much sums up what I think good companies behave like.


So for a while there this was my mood Danger_deephole. Various personal circumstances and getting laid off whilst on my penultimate day of my probation period in the new job meant that I wasn't the happiest of campers. Something to do with feeling like I lost control there for a bit. And yes, I am a bit of a control freak. There. Now it's out there. But I am also blessed with great friends and lovely family, who've been patient and kind. And then, relatively out of the blue, another job surfaced (and my personal circumstances worked out better than I could've hoped). I'll start in 10 days time, and I'm very excited, since it ticks a lot of my boxes, but most of all it'll be working in digital. Hell yeah! So there you go. Happy weekend. Don't forget to smile.