Professional goals, or why I don’t have them

" I've never been someone who sets professional goals or ambitions for myself for the future. I think it'd be a dull waste of my lifetime to end up somewhere I expected to. " (Jim Prior from The Partners in Campaign, 31st Oct 2008)

Yesterday was my last day at my old job, next Monday I'll be starting to get used to a new commute into a new place, with new people to call boss. Still in branding and design, different focus this time, more thinking based, less running around like a headless chicken. Well, that's the aim anyway.

Grateful to my old company for taking a chance with me. They (nor I) really didn't know what they were getting themselves into, taking on someone who'd never worked in design and branding before. Steep and sometimes seemingly unsurmountable learning curve, both exhilerating and scary. Now it's time to move on, take the next step and throw out some cliches about that.
So let's see what happens on Monday. I'm excited and nervous and excited and scared but mostly excited. New job, new people, new tea-mugs. And to top it all off: new phone. The old boss decided to make my leaving day and give me an iPhone as a leaving gift, making this gadget-geekette very happy. Life is good indeed.