My head’s too big

829289279_d54dc1151b Wow, what a week this has been. Since the last I had a chat, a lot has happened.

I’ve been to the Proms for the first time in my life (see pic left) and it was absolutely awesome. It was French Baroque, and I never knew it, but that’s very good music! Check out what I heard and saw here. [edit: after I finished writing this, I read this piece in the Guardian, which is very similar to what I’ve been going through in terms of starting to appreciate classical music more. Scroll through to two-thirds of the way down and there’s mention of the Prom I went to too. Good to read I’m not the only one who enjoyed my ears out! That’s not an expression I think. But it should be.]

I ran a 10k and live to tell the tale (no, don’t ask me for my time, suffice it to say that three guys disguised as taps finished shortly before me. And man did my legs hurt on Monday and Tuesday, that will teach me to stop training 3 weeks before the race). I want to run another one. And train better for it.

I went to the New Designers’ show and was bowled over by the quality and most of all by the passion of the young lads and ladies.

I said goodbye to yet another friend who is moving countries. I don’t like it when friends move countries I’ve decided. And that sucks, because over the next few weeks a few more of my friends will be moving (most notably Al and his mrs).

I met some of the Starting Bloc folks who were on LBS campus these past few days. Wow. They’re so passionate and friendly and fun to talk to!

I worked a whole workweek. It’s a bit weird being back at work again. I love my job, but am still a teeny bit freaked out by sitting in the same place for 5 days a week. Getting used to it though.

I went and had passport photos taken after which I trekked to the Dutch embassy to apply for a new passport, only to be told that my head was 1 milimeter too big. Sigh. That’s the second time in a couple of months someone thinks my head’s too big! (I was trying to find the original post where my mum measured my head for graduation, but can’t find it now).

I spent today cheering on a friend for her 5K (go Kim!) and then went on a photosafari with a friend which reminded me how much I miss roaming out and about with my camera.

I realised that I miss living in the Netherlands. Lord knows why this realisation dawned on me this week. Perhaps it was the trip to the Dutch embassy. Or the upcoming quick trip to NL to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary. Anyway. I miss it. I miss cycling to the Albert Heijn for groceries, shopping at the HEMA and Bijenkorf, and being able to drive to my parents to see them or my popping up to see my friends. I miss it. A lot.

I realised also (and this is totally contrary to the previous one) that I absolutely love living in London. From Sunday papers to afternoon tea, to the wonderful museums and architecture, to riding at the top on a bus through central London, I do seriously love this city.

I forgot to mention in the past weeks that I’ve also been to the How We Are exhibit at the Tate Britain which was very good (although the audioguide was weak, the photos were stunning), and I saw some of the Grand Tour paintings (both of these were on my cultural to do list).

I just realised that all of these start with an I. Ouch. Sorry.

Life as an alumn is so far so good, really. It still hasn’t dawned on me that my weekends are mine to do with what I please again without feeling like I should be finishing up a project. And that I no longer have a locker at LBS to stuff my gym shoes in. But other than that, no big changes just yet.

Thanks for all the comments on the blog, I finally managed to have a look and respond to them. That’s what you get with mobile blogging: I don’t even need my laptop to blog so get lazy about responding.


I just told my mum that I wasn’t quite sure what I am right now: graduated so no longer a student, but not yet working (start tomorrow). I suppose I’m in some sort of limbo. But a pretty good one :-)

I feel at the end of my MBA I should be giving some sort of advice to the incoming class and prospective applicants. And I will. But for now I am going to lean back, look back and enjoy all that happened over these past two years. A lot has happened. I’ve changed a lot. The world has changed. I’m very happy with my decision to do an MBA and in particular to do it at LBS (the cynics and scientists amongst you will moan about not having a control group: I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t done it). People have asked me what the one thing is that I took away from it, but that’s an impossible thing to ask. There is no one thing. Everything’s interconnected: the academics, extracurriculars, exchange, my friends, living in London, Sundowners, student ambassador-ship. I have no idea what my life would’ve looked like if I’d stayed back in NL but I sure as hell know that I’m loving my life now and the past two years have been such a blast!

Thank you for all the warm wishes, I really appreciate them. And I promise to go over the comments and reply. *cue advertising jingle, look away if you don’t want to see shameless begging from my side* If you want to make someone else really happy (which will make me happy too), please consider giving a small monetary gift to people who could use it *end advertising jingle*.

PS And no, that’s not where I’ll be working. You can see Canary Wharf on the photo, where most of the big banks are. And I won’t be working there. I just liked the photo, taken this past Sunday when my parents and I took the boat down to Greenwich.


As of today* I’m doctorandus Natasja MA MBA. Congrats class of 2007!!!!!

* technically, not today, we don’t graduate formally til the end of the month, but today marked the unofficial end with our graduation ceremony. More later this weekend.

Celebration time

Lbs_big1_2 In a few minutes I will have to get up and get going on preparing for congregration and graduation today. Pick up gowns, guest tickets, meet with my parents and brother for coffee, nervously wishing that time would stop so that this day would never end. I guess it’s about time. To get up. And graduate.

I’m almost there

724412328_28958b1461_3The last day before graduation (and in case of Farhan and Joel: the day of graduation!!!!) and it looks like it’s not going to rain again, either today or tomorrow. Yeehaa! My family’s coming in today, and there’s still a bunch of things that need sorting out, but I’m almost there. Graduation. Wow. I promise I’ll become more eloquent after I graduate and write something substantial again. But for now: wow. I’m about to graduate. Tomorrow. How weird is this!

The first day of the last week

632292126_fd996b6c15So this is it. Riding on a wave of nostalgia, I write this post. A quick one, I apologize, I still have to finish some work before going in today. This is the first day of our Capstone course (or Disorientation). We look back on everything we did. We look forward to see what’s coming. But most of all we enjoy the chance of hanging out this one more week before work and other commitments scatter us across the globe (and for those of us that already had to go, we miss you!!!).

Every beginning is some other beginning’s end (Semisonic, Closing Time).