How big is my head

[pic left: London Marathon last week]

How big is my head? Hats off (excuse the pun) for anyone that can tell me the size of their head off the top of their head (sorry, pun again). I had no idea. I feel this part of civilization (knowing the size of your head like you know the size of your shoes) became obsolete a few years ago, sadly. But if you’re graduating, you need to know. The size of the cap you know. Can’t have it stick over your eyes or squeeze vital bloodflow due to being to too tight. Mum helped me measure mine, upon which my dad said ‘hmmm, big head. There’s a lot in there.’, which is the nicest thing someone’s said to me in a while. I’m all signed up for graduation now. And no, I will not disclose the size of my head. That’s between me and the guys supplying the graduation-gear.

Today was the first class of the last term of my MBA. I’m taking CPM, short for Creativity and Personal Mastery (and no, despite the acronym name, it’s not an Operations course). It’s kinda hard to explain what it is, so if you’re curious, check out or google CPM and Prof Rao. So far, I like it a lot, and I suspect this will be one of the hardest, but also most rewarding courses on the MBA.

My mug

I have a thing for mugs. The bigger, the better (although the top limit for comfortable drinking seems to be about 500 mls, above that my tea gets too cold). This is my latest addition to the collection. Contrary to what it says on the outside, it’s mainly used for tea.

And this is why I love the UK so much

20042007030My new phone‘s everywhere in London. I’ve seen it on at least 3 bus-stops and every mobile phone store that I pass. Cool. The N95 is the flavour of the month. And I must say, apart from me having not figured out yet how to get the GPS going which is more because of lack of trying than anything else, I love this flavour! The camera’s great, the internet works a treat (I love that I can check streetmaps and tube itineraries on the go) and you can even use it to call and text people. Love it.

But that’s not why I love the UK. One of the best things about this lovely island is the BBC radio stations. My favorite is Radio 4, which is on my alarmclock and I therefore listen to it every day. My day usually starts with the Today program and finishes with Today In Parliament. What a brilliant show. If you’ve never heard it, you can listen to it here. It’s exactly what it should be: factual and incredibly boring-in-an-interesting-kinda-way (second only to the shipping forecast), and almost the perfect way to end the day. My favourite ever program on Radio 4 was Home Truths, which used to on on Saturday morning, presented by the inimitable John Peel, who sadly died too early. Now that was a brilliant program. I do love my radio (especially since I haven’t had a TV in 18 months. And I don’t miss it one bit).

Another brilliant and venerable institution that I love is the Economist. And I’m a lucky gal, because I just won a subscription to it! Thanks everyone that voted and thanks to the kind folks at Clear Admit. I find it amazing that my braindumps are read, let alone win me something. Congrats to all the other winners too, most notably my fellow LBS bloggers: go gang!

This week’s the first week of my last term at LBS (ouch, that is painful, typing it out loud). I’m only taking one course this term, since I used up all my credits, have to finish my second year project and thought that it might be a good idea to end in a relaxed fashion. I hadn’t reckoned with my tendency to say yes to every interesting thing that comes along, so this term I have to finish my second year project, I’ll be helping out with the class gift, do freelance work, and lend a hand with a conference that’s coming to LBS this summer. And do some student ambassador work and go to class. And I’m trying to get back in shape so I’ll look good on my graduation pictures. For someone my age, I should know better than to underestimate my spare time!

What every new student to LBS needs to buy

Lrg_front* A set of these stickers (available at this place)
* A London A-Z (even people who’ve lived in London all their lives have one. They won’t admit it, but they have one). Good when househunting, going to friends’ houses you’ve not been before, to find the offices of a company you’re interviewing with
* An umbrella. You won’t need it if you have one (we’re on the verge of a drought again), but if you don’t buy one, it’ll rain all the time. Good place for cheap brollies: the souvenir shops at Baker Street tube station, left as you walk towards Madame Tussauds
* An Oyster card, to be used for public transport. Available in pay as you go or with subscription and you can get a student discount one if you’re a student at LBS

Can’t think of any more for now. Will add as I think of new stuff. Anything anyone else can recommend?

Impossible is nothing

20042007028I do really love the new Adidas campaign slogan: Impossible is nothing. They’ve been making really cute ads as well (see left, from a magazine, and below, ripped from their website). The London Marathon is today and I’m wishing everyone who’s running it (and my classmate Sony in particular) lots of stamina and fun.

So I’m back. I think some of you might still be here. Thanks for the nice comments and emails, I appreciate it. I’ve said this earlier, I don’t know exactly why but I lost my blog-mojo for a while. Had nothing I wanted to write about. Which was weird. Because after 2 years and 300-odd blogposts later, you’d think I would’ve gotten the hang of this thing. Anyway, top this blog-lethargy (hey, maybe I had writer’s block… does that mean I’m a writer? Yeay) off with the death of my grandma last week and it’s probably no wonder that my heart wasn’t in writing something.

On the plane home to NL for the funeral, I read the latest issue of Wired, about getting naked (don’t worry, I’m not naked, not in a literal clothes-off kinda way anyway) online and decided it’s probably time to unveil my own identity. These past two years I’ve blogged under a pseudonym (following the two bloggers who inspired me to blog: Britchick and Poweryogi) because I was afraid that people would react negatively when they found out that I was the one writing this. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be admitted to b-school in general and LBS in particular, after that my classmates would think it weird I write (wrong, most of my classmates that know, and that seems to be most people, love reading it, at least that’s what they tell me. Hi classmates!), that I wouldn’t get an internship (I ended up setting up the company’s internal blog), that I wouldn’t be anonymous at Stern (does anyone at Stern even read blogs?? I suspect not), that I wouldn’t find a second year project if people knew it was me writing this (turns out this blog is partially what got me the gig, about which soon more), that I wouldn’t be able to find a freelance gig to support me through my second year (ehm, right… I have a freelance gig, but suspect that has preciously little to do with or without the blog) and now that I won’t find a full-time job (but hey, I figure if I’ve come this far, I’ll cross that hurdle too). None of this happened. In fact, I’ve had people say a lot of nice things about the blog (thanks!), no one that matters to me saying bad stuff about it (thanks for that too), have met some cool friends in the blogosphere (you know who you are) and I am kinda proud to call this piece of web real-estate mine.

So I feel it’s time for me to come out of blogging anonymity and really claim this blog as mine, which for me is a reasonably big plunge into a scary open space although I suspect no one else on this planet really cares. As most of you have probably guessed, my passport doesn’t read Divine Miss N as my name, instead it says Natasja. I help out as a student ambassador for LBS (see here) so some of you have probably seen me around at LBS events here or in the US and I write for the LBS blog as well. What else? Oh, Al Martine is really a friend of mine in real life (as are most of the other LBS bloggers that I know), and of course (cough) I’m a natural blond (cough).

My name is Natasja and I’m addicted to blogging. There it is. The naked truth. Now keep fingers crossed Google doesn’t send heaps of people here because I said the n-a-k-e-d word in this post three times and the blog shows up high in the page rankings of people looking for something well… um… a little more undressed.

Back to my reading for CPM and writing my 2nd year project, both of which I’ll write about more soon.

I don’t quite know why…

But I haven’t had much to blog about lately. Or better said, my head and heart haven’t been in it. Not quite sure why exactly, because in the past two years I’ve always had something to talk about and I’ve had some ideas for posts. Have been on holiday, which was nice and relaxing, so that can’t be it. Am working the whole week this week, but I’ve posted before when I worked. There have been some very sad personal circumstances in my family that have kept my mind occupied elsewhere. Apologies if you came here interested in reading something new. Give me a little time, I’ll climb back on this horse again. I still have stuff left I want to say. But I can’t find the words just yet.