Stanford ding

You know what the really strange thing is? I don’t even mind. The ding. When I started this whole MBA thing out, I figured that Stanford was THE place to be, my absolute number one. But it slowly dwindled down the list (I became more and more focussed on what I really wanted: international program, people and exchange options) and I’m not really sad about the ding. Plus: I have so much to be grateful for: my two admits and my waitlist… Boy, this sounds corny….Before you know it I’ll be writing inspirational quotes found in greeting cards…. I soooo need a good night’s sleep tonight!

One more reason to be in London this autumn: an upcoming Rubens exhibition at the National Gallery. Love Rubens (he paints THE best dead bodies) and the National Gallery, the two combined should be fab.
As a part-time shopaholic, I couldn’t resist this article in today’s Guardian.

PS Sometimes Blogger just drives me nuts…. why is it not working properly…

Things I like and don’t like about London

Tea with milk, bookshops (too many to mention), British Library, National Gallery, the energy, walking around London, sunday papers, english breakfast, Photographer’s Gallery, my friends who live there, great (but oh so expensive) restaurants, Accesorize, Great Eastern Hotel, University of London Library.

When you blow your nose after a day in London there’s just black gunk that comes out, I daren’t use my bike in the city (way too dangerous), I’ve had my heart broken twice in London, some Indian food, delays on the Tube, too much traffic.


to all those who got into their schools of choice in R2 (and good luck to those who are still waiting for their decisions). Am sorry to hear that Poweryogi got a ding from LBS…PY: hope you have a fab time at Chicago!
The Easter weekend has been quiet, I’ve been to a fashion show with my mum (and ended up buying this fabulous leather jacket which was way too expensive, but hey, I figured I should treat myself), and I went to a booktown closeby, which was hosting a book fair.
Have started with the first preparations for LBS, i.e. trotting to my local bank, asking them for 100.000 euros which they then politely, but very resolutely refused to give me. Ah well, I’m hoping HSBC will be a little more forgiving.

Five more miles to go….

Or to be more accurate, four more days to go til d-day (decision day that is). I’m not terribly nervous yet, although I must admit I can’t wait for Thursday to roll around.

ABN AMRO bieden studenten die een master gaan volgen een speciaal master-krediet aan, dat zowel voor collegegeld als levensonderhoud gebruikt kan worden.


I suppose like most people nowadays, I find life often moves too fast to stop and enjoy it sometimes. Today I was lucky, I had half the day off to take care of some stuff at home and go to a meeting. I decided to go on my bike, it has been ages since I biked anywhere, and it was great. I had forgotten how nice it is to bike around on a nice day like this, you just notice so much more of what’s going on around you. That said, I also tend to be touched so much more by events, stories, people. Like when I read this story in today’s Times, about Iris Chang, an historian who killed herself after writing a book on the atrocities of the Rape of Nanking.

Creative business

Was browsing on the LBS site and found out that LBS together with the University of the Arts in London have set up a Centre for Creative Business. This is right up my alley! I’ve always been interested in the arts and in publishing and I am looking to find work in that area post-MBA. One of the iniatives of the Centre is a course called ‘New Creative Ventures’, for which you can download a .pdf with a description here. Exciting stuff!

9 more days and counting. Fortunately work is keeping me pretty busy at the mo’, and my family and friends will keep me busy this weekend.

11 more days / 11 dagen

After a small party-for-one to celebrate my first admit (yes, I am going to school this summer) it’s now back to the waiting game. 11 more days until I hear from LBS and Wharton. I have started on the first preparations: figuring out how much money I’ll need (a whole lot I can tell you), having a browse on the internet to see how much apartments in my area are fetching and clearing out the first stuff.

Found this in today’s Observer, an article on Edda Tasiemka, an inveterate clipper of newspaper and magazine articles. An article clipper myself, I was awestruck.

Nadat de eerste euforie over mijn IESE admit is afgezakt, is het nu weer terug naar het wachten tot 24 maart. Nog 11 dagen….Ondertussen ben ik begonnen met de eerste voorbereidingen, een budget maken (met het geld wat ik nodig heb, kon ik 5 jaar geleden mijn appartement kopen), eens kijken wat huizen in mijn omgeving opbrengen en de eerste spullen opruimen.

IESE visit and interview

As most MBA-wannabe’s will tell you, visiting the schools you are applying to is the best source of information about the school. With that in mind, and the prospect of spending some time in Barcelona, I headed out to visit an IESE Open Day. All the participants, more later about them, were sent a case in advance to read, a mock class was part of the day’s agenda. My first impressions of the school were that it was well laid out, beautiful buildings, all in all very impressive (for an idea of what it looks like, check out this link).

We were greeted by the entire admissions staff, and after picking up our information material and name tags we were ushered into what I suppose is a good example of a regular classroom. Welcome speech, followed by a tour of the campus and coffee, followed by a powerpoint about the school with some general information. So far so good.

Next was for me one of the highlights of the day: the mock class that one of the IESE professors gave to illustrate IESE’s teaching methods. They use the case method extensively and this class was the discussion of the case that we were sent before the Open Day. The professor handled the class and the discussion skillfully, allowing room for discussion but at the same time knowing which points she wanted to make and making them. I was impressed!

Lunch was at the school restaurant, rather nice, a three course meal with wine, and each table was assigned two current MBA students, who were able to talk about the school from a student’s perspective and answer questions. I was struck by the enthusiasm of the students, but also of my current MBA-wannabe’s. There were some 50 people there, from Europe but also the US, and I had some nice chats with people.

The afternoon continued with a presentation on Career Services (during which most people felt the effect of a three course meal I must say), and a panel of current students who, again enthusiastically, answered questions from the audience.

As I had applied a few weeks before, I was able to have my interview at the end of the day, it lasted about an hour and besides the usual questions we covered some specific questions about my hobbies, who my favourite historical figure was, and some concerns I had about the case method.

All in all I was impressed by the school, the current students and the prospective students that were there. The facilities were nice, and staff helpful and friendly.

(disclaimer: this was written after I was admitted to IESE, but I have tried to be as objective as possible)

What women want….

Apparently, young women want to stay at home nowadays…. The Guardian ran two articles about it: What Women Want and Superwoman Is Dead.

It’s slowly starting to sink in that although I still don’t know where, I know for sure that I am going to school this summer. I can start on the first preparations, talking to banks, real estate agents and that sort of thing. I am such a lucky person.

If Pepys’ were alive now…

I’m sure he would be a blogger… Have been reading Clare Tomalin’s biography and she really does him justice. Today I found this, an online version of the Diary, created by Phil Gyford, who blogs the diary day by day. Am very impressed.

So, the silent period has set in I suppose. Although I haven’t heard anything from Stanford yet and the rumour is that they will be sending out interview invites up to March 24th, I’ve sort of given up hope on going to the West Coast. It was a nice dream while it lasted, though, and at least I gave it a shot. Plus, I’m very happy about the three interview invites I did get. And now, all I can do is wait. And to be really honest, it’s pretty nice to have some down-time.

Added, optional extra: great piece in the Observer on the differences between men and women when it comes to wine.