Round 2

So, after a good holiday, it’s back to the books now. I’ve rescheduled my GMAT test as work was too hectic for me to have any time left to study.
Went to a Stanford information reception the other day and really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was relaxed (or at least, the adcom member doing the presentation was relaxed and so were the alumni), the presentation informative and the others present incredibly unbelievable. In a bad sense. It never ceases to amaze me how apathic people become at these kinds of gatherings, how all they can talk about is b-school, their very interesting jobs and ever so interesting ambitions. Why don’t people lighten up a bit? Let their guard down and actually enjoy themselves. You can have fun and be witty and chatty and still be a good MBA candidate. Maybe I’m too strict, but somehow life if so much more fun and interesting if you realise that it’s serious business, but not to be taken too seriously ;-)