Let the games begin….

Let the games begin….
I’ve started my application online today for LBS and Stanford. It felt really good that I could at least fill out some of the stuff already, like name and address. Makes me feel less like the idiot I feel when filling out other, slightly more difficult questions like motivation, why I left my first job etc…..

Is it me or do I seem like the only MBA wannabe who has’nt been preparing for an MBA all my life? Who hasn’t been racking up extra-curriculars which look good on a cv instead of doing something I really enjoy or get fulfilment out of?
But, I’m determined to see this through, and give it my best shot….

Reading: finished Blue Highways, am now reading Ladies on the Grand Tour.

Damn that Pythagoras

As of last Wednesday I’m on a new project, cutting my revision time down to about 1,5 hours a day for the GMAT. I’m doing loads of practice tests for, focussing especially on the math section. I’m progressing, but only slowly. Despair is slowly starting to creep into the back of my mind…. will I be good enough to score at least a 650? I know the verbal part is not a problem, but boy, those math-questions. Especially algebra (which was never my strong suit) is spooking me right now.

I’ve asked both my recommenders (one from current job, and one from former job), and I’ve yet to ask my third, peer, recommender for Stanford, but I’ve no doubt that person will want to lend a hand.
The things that I really should also start thinking about right now are essays. Have put some stuff on paper, but with studying for the GMAT and a new project, there’s not enough time in the day to think!

Reading: Blue Highways (almost finished).

Richard’s here…..

Although Amazon promised me he’d be here next week, I already picked up my copy of Richard Montauk’s guide to getting into top MBA programs today from the postoffice where he was left after he didn’t quite fit in my mailbox. After taking care of my normal Saturday household chores, I’ve started dipping into it, and I’m reasonably impressed. Scared, but impressed. Getting the distinct feeling that I’m too late with some things (ok, I’ll admit: most stuff) like recommendations, transcripts and GMAT prep. But I’m convinced that good advice is mainly meant for ‘other’ people…. ;-)

I’ve started with some GMAT revision (concentrating on the math part), and bought a copy of Princeton Review’s Math revision for GMAT for the amazing price of 7,50 euros. Tip of the week for any Dutchies looking for cheap GMAT prep books: check out the American Book Store (to be found in A’dam and The Hague), they have them on sale sometimes.