State of minor depression….

Last Friday was the last day of my project, and now I’m officially on a one-week vacation. That last part of the sentence should make me glad, but is entirely overshadowed by the first part….
However, it will give me enough time to crank up my 550 GMAT score to a more acceptable level. I’ve bought the Princeton Review’s Math book today, on sale at my local bookstore. It made me wonder how many other Dutch people are planning to apply to international b-schools this autumn….

Reading: Dalai Lama/Daniel Goleman ‘Negative emotions and how to overcome them’ and William Least Heat Moon ‘Blue Highways’.

This is it!

This is it! I’ve started out on this path of web-blogging my journey towards b-school and the meaning of life (which of these I will reach first is yet unknown).

My journey towards getting accepted into b-school started last autumn. I decided that I’d had enough with all these guys (and they always seem to be guys) outsmarting me when it came to knowledge of how to read annual reports and throwing random marketing terms in the air as if they got paid everytime they used one. I no longer wanted to remain ignorant (or at least feel ignorant), and because it’s my firm belief that a little knowledge goes a long way, but more knowledge goes an even longer way, I decided to start investigating b-schools.

I’ve narrowed the schools down to: LBS, IESE, Wharton, Stanford (an absolute longshot I suppose).
Last weekend I took my first practice GMAT (Kaplan style) and scored a 550, without preparation. The aim is to crank that up to at least 650, where the math component is my biggest weakness.